Region Quintet!


One thing I've always loved to do is take an existing piece of music and arrange a new version of it. I did that a lot as a kid with a demo of Finale we had on our computer. I would pull my piano books and arrange piano works for various types of ensembles. 

So this evening, I bring you a piece of a project I'm currently working on. 

Quintet for Etude #2

This is especially written for high schoolers, but I believe college-aged horns can enjoy this too! It's about halfway done, but I thought you might enjoy a taste of what's to come. 

I would have PDFs available to download, but I think I have to pay money to make them downloadable (thanks internet). So just email me ( ) and I'll send them to you [for free! yay!].

Plus, I give you a [very crappy, sorry] recording to enjoy!

Hoping to finish within a couple of weeks.