Want brass for your next album?

I can provide horn and brass tracks for you from my studio in my home in Dallas, TX. 

Simple price: $25 per instrument/track.

Need a horn trio to back you up? $75!

Need a brass quintet to round you out? $125!

Instruments I personally provide:
French Horn (F), Trumpet (Bflat), Cornet (Bflat),
Tenor Horn (Eflat), Mellophone (F & Bflat), Baritone (Bflat)

Trombone and Tuba are an extra $50*
*Outsourced to people with big enough lips for that!

Email me:


Have a listen to the albums and songs my brass playing has been a part of!

Sleeping At Last - "Son"
Horn parts written by Ryan and myself. I recorded about ten tracks of horn! French Horn Army!


A Lovely War - "In the Early Morning Fog" (2015)
Horn parts written by Sean Keogh.


Say Anything - Hebrews (2014)

(Helped by trumpet friend Joel Adair and tuba friend Sam Reyes)


Sucré - A Minor Bird (2011)
Instruments used: French Horn, Trumpet, Tenor Horn