The Business

Lessons are $18 per half hour ($36 for a full hour)

Schools I teach at: Lake Highlands High School, Forest Meadow Junior High School, and Lake Highlands Junior High School

During Christmas and Summer breaks I teach from my home near Lake Highlands.

Horn Lessons = Horn Apprenticeship

Many young professionals start teaching lessons as a side job since performance gigs can't always be counted on as steady income (at least in the beginning). I started this way, traveling from school to school. Popping in and out of band halls, giving half hour lessons here and there. 

The past couple of years a few things began to hit me. I really enjoy teaching the horn. My dad always said that if you can teach a subject then you'll know it well. I have learned so much from watching young horn players - observing common challenges with horn playing and figuring out how to overcome these challenges (and how to teach those things). 

When I was a young horn player in high school, several people passed me along to local teachers and performers. This opened doors to college (SMU) and great conservatory-like training. Even after college, when I found myself in Liverpool, I was given opportunities to sit in on orchestras (the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, for one) and sub in all positions possible in a horn section. 

The way I see it, I'm a part of a 300 or more year-old tradition. Horn playing has been passed down from teacher to student for all those hundreds of years. However, the literature we have on the study of horn was published mostly in the 20th century; the rest we've learned from knowledge passed down through generations of instructors. One learns horn by following a good teacher and living and breathing the horn way of life. It's traditionally the way any trade is learned. 

That is how I approach teaching the horn. I no longer think of it as my 'day job,' like I once did. Sure, I make sure the kids learn their scales and fingerings. But I also teach the character of the horn, what makes it tick, and what you can do to get it to really sing. And I start teaching those things from the moment a new beginner picks up his or her very own horn. 

I aim to pass down to others what was given to me. I am part of the horn tradition, and it won't stop with me. Anyone who studies horn with me will be part of that tradition too.

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